Smoking and health check advisors available at the practice today

Come along to our free health clinic today at Firstcare Practice, Blenheim Centre, Hounslow. Everyone is welcome. We are open until 3pm on the 12th July.

If you would like help to stop smoking, we have a team of smoking cessation advisors at our practice today.
They will be able to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in your breath,

Carbon Monoxide In smoking

They will also be able to give you your lung age, so you can see how old your lungs are. Smokers then to have ‘older’ lungs and so can see where your lungs are on this graph.Lung Age Pic

We can also measure your height and weight and calculate your Body Mass Index, so as you can see where you are on the graph below. If you need help with loosing weight, we can give you advice on access to free services available locally.


You can also download these leaflets which have lots of useful information.

Shisha is thought to be less harmful than smoking. This is not the case. The leaflet outlines some useful facts and dispels some myths. Smoking Shisha

Smoking at home can cause cot deaths and chest infections. Read more in this leaflet. Smoking at Home

Here is a leaflet about the harms of smoking in pregnancy. We can help you stop if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Smoking – Pregnancy

My Goals

Walking Is Best Medicine

This is a really useful video which outlines the health benefits of going for regular walks.

Hounslow Health Activities

Here is a document which outlines health walks organised by London Borough Of Hounslow.

Click here to download
Local Activities – All are free of charge

Advice On Stopping Smoking

Here is a helpful video which you may want to watch to begin your journey to stop smoking.

Hounslow Smoking Cessation Clinics

Here is advice on local stop smoking clinics. We also run clinics in the practice. Please book an appointment for our healthcare assistant.

Smoke Free Leaflet
Click here to download Leaflet smokefree_leaflet

Healthy Eating

Lots of helpful information on healthy eating may be found on this website link. Click Here.

Eat Well Plate
This shows the proportions of food groups for a balanced healthy diet.
Click here to download information –Eatwellplate