People with diabetes are being fined up to £100 for claiming free prescriptions without a medical exemption certificate. We need your help to stop this.  

 Everyone in England who uses insulin or takes medication to manage their diabetes is able to claim free prescriptions but they must have a valid medical exemption certificate to do so. This certificate must be renewed every five years.

 The NHS Business Services Authority, have recently introduced a far more rigorous checking system than in the past. The poor management and lack of enforcement of the certificates over a long period of time has led to the understandable misconception, from patients and professionals alike, that anyone with diabetes who uses medication or insulin is automatically exempt from prescription charges.

 This is not the case. Everybody must have a valid medical exemption certificate and renew this every five years.

 We want to make sure people with diabetes and healthcare professionals know this. On our website we have information for people with diabetes, explaining how to get the certificate and what to do if they have received a fine:

 We also have information for healthcare professionals, to explain their role in making sure people have the right information and avoid being fined:–updates/People-with-diabetes-are-being-fined-for-claiming-free-prescriptions/