The future of primary care workforce

This report by the Primary Care Workforce Commission has outlined the challenges and recommendations to meet the changes in the workforce in the next few years. You can download the full report here.


Work Challeng

Building Great West Road Locality Hounslow.

Here is a summary of the meeting that we had which involved GPs, Practice nurses, managers, district nurses, community matrons, care navigator and mental health. It was a lively afternoon with some challenging and thought provoking issues.

The key take home messages

  1. We have some amazing people in our locality.
  2. We need to get on at least try things for ourselves, rather than waiting for others.
  3. Develop leadership and key areas for development.
  4. Engage staff (clinical and non clinical) and patients.

We have identified some of the key areas and will develop them in the next few weeks.

Here is a summary of what was discussed. This will help us not only to deliver the evening and weekend working but also have the building blocking for more collaborative working. Building GWR Locality

Smoking and health check advisors available at the practice today

Come along to our free health clinic today at Firstcare Practice, Blenheim Centre, Hounslow. Everyone is welcome. We are open until 3pm on the 12th July.

If you would like help to stop smoking, we have a team of smoking cessation advisors at our practice today.
They will be able to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in your breath,

Carbon Monoxide In smoking

They will also be able to give you your lung age, so you can see how old your lungs are. Smokers then to have ‘older’ lungs and so can see where your lungs are on this graph.Lung Age Pic

We can also measure your height and weight and calculate your Body Mass Index, so as you can see where you are on the graph below. If you need help with loosing weight, we can give you advice on access to free services available locally.


You can also download these leaflets which have lots of useful information.

Shisha is thought to be less harmful than smoking. This is not the case. The leaflet outlines some useful facts and dispels some myths. Smoking Shisha

Smoking at home can cause cot deaths and chest infections. Read more in this leaflet. Smoking at Home

Here is a leaflet about the harms of smoking in pregnancy. We can help you stop if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Smoking – Pregnancy

Transforming Care for People with Learning Disabilities – Progress Report

Transforming Care for People with Learning Disabilities – Progress Report

You can download the report here.

LD transforming-care-progress-report

The Transforming Care Delivery Board, comprising NHS England, the Local Government Association (LGA), the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Health Education England (HEE) and the Department of Health has today published a Progress Report (also in easy read) on the steps taken towards improving services for people with learning disabilities.

The report sets out progress made towards achieving the joint ambitions laid out inTransforming Care for People with Learning Disabilities – Next Steps. The milestones achieved include:

  • a public consultation on the Government’s Green paper to strengthen individuals rights;
  • developing care and treatment reviews and an admissions gateway for people with learning disabilities to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and lengthy hospital stays, with an onus on finding more appropriate community-based care;
  • launching the Fast-Track programme to test and accelerate service re-design, including a new Service Model for commissioners that describes what good services should look like;
  • testing a new competency framework for staff, to ensure we have staff with the right skills in the right place;
  • ensuring that we have a more robust way of collecting and sharing data to track progress.

The report is clear that while progress is being made, there is still much more to do to ensure that where it is appropriate, people are cared for in the community and close to home. NHS England and our delivery partners on the Transforming Care Delivery Board will continue to ensure that key stakeholders, including people with learning disabilities and their families, are actively engaged in shaping all our work.

For more details see the Transforming Care page.

LD Priority Pics

New Move Away from Pre-Diabetes Programme

People with pre-diabetes will often have no symptoms, but have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Patients belonging to Feltham and Great West Road Localities can access a special service and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

What is Pre-diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is also called Impaired Glucose Tolerance. Like diabetes, pre-diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood is too high and the body cannot use it properly. The glucose levels are not high enough at this stage to be diagnosed with diabetes.

In pre-diabetes, the pancreas (an organ in the body) does not produce enough insulin or the insulin that is produced doesn’t work properly. Insulin is a hormone in the blood which lowers and controls blood glucose level. This is often the result of carrying extra fat around the waist area.

Is there a cure for Pre-diabetes?

There are no medications which can treat or cure pre-diabetes.

The only way of reducing your risk of diabetes is through lifestyle changes. This includes increasing activity levels, eating a healthy, balanced diet & maintaining a healthy weight.

What is the ‘Move Away from Pre-diabetes’ programme?

The programme is fun, motivating and an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about nutrition and making healthy changes to your lifestyle.

The service aims to help you achieve:

  • healthy weight
  • healthy eating
  • more active lifestyle
  • improved blood pressure, blood glucose & cholesterol

You can download the patient leaflet here.

MAP Patient leaflet (hounslow)


The London Osteoporosis Clinic – Educational meeting. 6.30pm, 8th July, Harley Street

The London Osteoporosis Clinic is the first multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to early diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and prevention of osteoporosis related fractures. The London Osteoporosis Clinic is delighted to invite you to attended a Clinical Meeting on the 8th June 2015 at 19 Harley Street @ 6.30 pm

Introduction, Prof G Catto

• Cases of vitamin D deficiency, insufficiency and how to manage replacement, Dr Caje Moniz

• What is new in spinal surgery, Mr Bob Chaterjee

• Free LOC Audit Support to identify your at risk osteoporosis patients Dinner A certificate of attendance to the clinical meeting for 1.5 hr duration will be provided. Some clinical risk factors for developing osteoporosis fracture can be found via this link. Please let us know if you would like any further information. We would always be happy to give informal advice. You can refer patients by contacting the office or using this referral form.

London OsteoporosisLondon Osteoporosis Clinic | Renaissance Healthcare | 19 Harley St | London W1G 9QJ Also consulting at: The Nuffield Hospital | Pembury Hospital | Spire Hospital | 9 Harley St T: 020 3780 3300 M: 0792 588 3827 E: Dr T Mahmud MD FRCP | Dr C Moniz FRCP FRCPath | And Colleagues Advisory Board: Prof G Catto | Prof G Hughes | Ms C Murphy | Lord G Noon | Ms T Tanzer