Applying for social housing in Hounslow


If you wish to register for housing, you will need to access the Locata Housing Options website via to complete the online form.

When you start your application for housing, there will be a short self-assessment, which will direct you to the most suitable Housing Options available for you to consider.

Once your housing application has been successfully submitted, a Locata Identification Number (LIN) will be automatically generated. You will have to use your LIN in all communication with us. Please note that we do not require any documents to be registered at this time when you apply online. However, all offers are subject to verification of information you have provided us.


Your application will be assessed in line with Hounslow’s Allocation Policy. To be eligible for social housing in Hounslow, you must meet all the qualification criteria, as follows:

1) Length of residency in the borough – All applicants must currently be resident in the borough and have continuously lived in the borough for the last 5 years or more or have lived in the borough for a total of 5 out of the last 7 years to qualify.

2) Criteria for being placed into one of the three band reasons – If an applicant does not meet the banding criteria, for example: overcrowding, medical need or living in temporary accommodation provided by the council. Then they will not qualify for housing.

3) Financial capital and other assets Applicants who have a gross household income of more than £50,000 per annum or have savings of £50,000+ will not qualify for housing as they have sufficient financial resources to buy a home or pay market rent.

Also applicants who own their own homes in this country or abroad, or who have previously owned a home in the last 7 years are will not qualify for housing unless there is an extenuating need.

4) Unacceptable behaviour or Actions – Applicants will not qualify for housing if they are involved in serious anti-social behaviour, this includes:

 Serious anti-social behaviour, nuisance or annoyance to neighbours.

 Breach of tenancy agreement including illegal or immoral use of the property.

 Serious deterioration in the condition of the property resulting from the applicant or a member of their current or prospective household.

 The applicant or a member of your household having obtained a tenancy fraudulently.

Please login to for more information regarding the qualification criteria.

If you meet all of the qualification criteria, the appropriate priority band will be awarded to our housing application and you will be eligible to bid for properties in Locata. On the other and, if you do not meet all of the qualification criteria, your application will be cancelled and you will not be able to place bids. However you will still be able to log onto Locata to be able to view targeted housing options. London Borough of Hounslow Page 2 of 2

It is important to be aware of the pressures on social housing and understand that the waiting list will not provide you with a short-term solution to your housing needs. There are currently approximately 3,427 eligible applicants on Hounslow’s Housing Register, and the Council only lets around 500 properties per year via the Locata choice-based lettings scheme.

The demand for social housing in London greatly exceeds supply, so applicants can expect to wait an indefinite number of years to receive an offer of a property and there is no guarantee that they will ever be made such an offer.

If you require further clarification, please contact us on 020 8583 3842 (Option 3) or email


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